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The European Commission has estimated that about 10% of the EU pesticides market is comprised of illegal and counterfeit plant protection products, and organized crime groups are involved in it. In Poland, crops can only be protected using pesticides authorized by the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development. This rule applies to every EU Member State, so it is also illegal to use products purchased in other countries.

Plant protection products should be purchased only at points of sale authorized to carry out such business and supervised by the Main Inspectorate of Plant Health and Seed Inspection. Pesticides should be sold in genuine sealed packages, with the product label in the Polish language.


To avoid the risk of purchasing counterfeit products in Poland, do not buy pesticides:

  • at random points of sale or from unknown traders, e.g. at open marketplaces, from door-to-door sellers, or from other illegal sources;
  • for which the seller does not want to issue a proof of transaction (receipt or invoice);
  • if they have a label in a language other than Polish, not securely attached to the packaging, with language errors, attached translation, or with poor print quality;
  • in packages with unclear or missing date of manufacture or lot number;
  • in packaging that is of poor quality, leaky, damaged or not genuine;
  • via the Internet, if the offeror does not provide their full data, i.e. company name/entrepreneur name, tax identification number (NIP), registered office and address;
  • offered at a suspiciously low price.

It is very likely that these are counterfeit or illegal pesticides and their use may:

  • create a risk to human life, animals and the environment;
  • destroy crops;
  • expose the farmer to criminal sanctions.

Any concerns or cases related to offering for sale, or the use of unauthorized plant protection products should be reported to the local unit of the Main Inspectorate of Plant Health and Seed Inspection, and the manufacturer of the genuine pesticide.

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