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Decision support systems in plant protection

An important element of integrated pest management, in addition to the choice of preventive measures, is making decisions about the need for chemical treatment. Guides, methodologies for integrated pest management, crop protection and production programmes do not exempt farmers from regular field inspection, analysis of weather conditions, and consideration of economic injury levels when making an individual decision about the need for chemical treatment.

In recent years, advanced research has been carried out to provide a scientific background for short-term forecasting of pest emergence. An important element of this research is the analysis of the development of diseases and pests depending on weather conditions. Based on them, support systems are created, for example, forecasting infections with pathogens and the emergence of pest developmental stages, which helps to chose the optimal treatment date. These sets of instructions have been designed to help farmers or consultants on plant protection to make decisions on the need for plant protection treatment based on ecological principles, with consideration of cost-benefit analysis and climatic conditions.

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