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Integrated pest management programs

Plant protection programs are developed to help farmers make choices on the use of chemical plant protection products for the control of harmful organisms in crops. The aim is to help growers stay up to date on changes in plant protection product registers. This is essential as over 300 new product authorizations are issued and about 500 authorizations modified every year. The users are therefore advised to always read the label before applying a plant protection product.

The programs also contain recommendations on the application of plant protection products in Integrated Production (IP) and organic farming (EKO).

When applying chemical treatments for the purposes of plant protection, make certain to:

1) select such plant protection products as will minimize the negative impact of treatments on non-target organisms, particularly pollinating insects and natural enemies of harmful organisms;

2) keep the number of treatments and the volume of the plant protection products you use to a minimum as possible;

3) alternate the plant protection products you use to prevent harmful organisms from developing a resistance to such products;

4) assess treatment efficacy.

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Project implemented as part of tasks 1.5
Multiannual Program of the IPP-NRI for 2016-2020

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