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Combined use of chemicals in agriculture

With respect to Regulation 1107/2009 (EC) of the European Parliament and of the Council, which concerns, among other things, the use of plant protection products, the application of these products by farmers in combination with other agrochemicals is not against the law. However, certain restrictions should be considered.

Plant protection products must be used properly, consistent with the principles of good plant protection practice and conditions established during the registration procedure, and given on the label. The obligation to comply with the information on the label has been limited, however, to the requirements specified therein, which are important for human health and safety of the natural environment, i.e. the maximum dose of plant protection products, the period between the last application and harvest, and the maximum number of applications per year. Currently, there is no obligation to comply with information on the label of the plant protection product regarding its minimum dose or its combined use with other agrochemicals (unless the label clearly forbids this because of associated hazards).


The method of application of the plant protection product described on the label has been developed based on many laboratory and field tests, including combined use with other products. The manufacturer of the product is liable for its improper effects only if the product has been applied consistently with the label. If agrochemicals are used in combination with other products not mentioned on the label, the responsibility for effects is with the user.

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