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Combined use of chemicals in agriculture

Under Regulation 1107/2009 (EC) of the European Parliament and of the Council, concerning, inter alia, the use of plant protection products, the application of such products by farmers in combination with other agrochemicals is not against the law. However, certain restrictions should be considered.

Plant protection products must be used adequately, in keeping with good plant protection practice and the conditions laid down at product registration, as stated on the label. However, the obligation to comply with label restrictions has been limited to the requirements on labels that are essential for human health and environmental safety. These requirements pertain to the maximum quantity of plant protection products, the lag between last application and harvest, and the maximum number of applications per year. Currently it is not mandatory to comply with plant protection product label requirements regarding the minimum quantity of such products or their use in combination with other agrochemicals (unless the label clearly forbids this because of associated hazards).


The plant protection product application method described on the label has been developed based on extensive laboratory and field tests, including those of combined use with other products. The liability of product manufacturers for damage is limited to cases where the product has been applied consistently with the label. If agrochemicals are used in combination with such other products as are not mentioned on the label, the responsibility for the effects rests with the user.

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