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Integrated plant production (IP) methods

Integrated plant production (IP) is a modern and voluntary food quality management system used in Poland. The system relies on sustainable development in the fields of technology and biology for plant cultivation, protection and fertilization with strong emphasis on protecting the environment and human health.

The IP system allows farmers to produce healthy fruit and vegetables keeping the residues of pesticides, heavy metals, nitrates and other harmful substances below permissible levels. The high quality of crops grown on farms with an IP system in place is attested to with proper certificates and registered trademarks. Apart from the advantages derived from being able to market foods with official quality certificates, a number of other considerations incentivize farmers to adopt IP:

1) Integrated plant production principles are consistent with those of integrated pest management; as a consequence, any grower who adopts IP will automatically achieve compliance with the mandatory principles of integrated pest management.

2) IP-certified farmers may apply for the reimbursement of certain expenses incurred in the course of using their IP system, and promotional expenses as part of the Regional Rural Development Program.

3) The growers who adopt IP principles will automatically meet the requirements of the Cross-Compliance system for direct payment; the system’s requirements concerning plant protection and food safety have been in force since 1 January 2011.

4) By adopting the IP system, growers can demonstrate their compliance with food safety requirements, as needed. This applies to selling plants and plant-derived products domestically and in non-EU countries (e.g. China, Vietnam). Special  plant protection programs developed by the Skierniewice Institute of Horticulture are essential in this regard.

5) By adopting the IP system, growers can meet many food safety and environmental protection requirements of other commercial quality assurance systems, such as those of supermarket chains.

The IP system is overseen by the National Inspectorate of Plant Health and Seed Inspection (PIORiN). However, as is the case for organic farming, IP certification has been entrusted to relevant certification bodies.

Plant production and protection in the IP system follow specific methods approved by the National Inspector of Plant Health and Seed Inspection, which are outlined in this section.

In addition to IP methods, see Pest reporting and monitoring methods, and detailed IP-dedicated Plant protection product application programs.

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