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Protection of crops from game animals

The damage caused to crops by some game species in Poland has increased dramatically over the last decade becoming a serious plant protection concern. the key factors contributing to this problem are:

  • Rapid increases in the country’s populations of wild boar, red deer, fallow deer, elk and beaver,
  • Climate change causing faster maturation and increased reproduction of wild boar (year-round), deer and other species, as well as increased survival rates owing to mild winters,
  • Changes in the biology and behavior of wild boar, deer and other crop-damaging game species (resistance to odor-based and other repellents),
  • Changes in species makeup and crop acreage (maize, rape, wheat, and other cereals),
  • Reduced biodiversity in field and forest ecosystems,
  • Significant rise in crop yields (new, high-yield varieties, effective plant protection, intensive fertilization).


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