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Training is one of the best ways to acquire knowledge, supplement one’s formal education, improve skills and enhance professional qualifications. Many research institutes and consultancies that deal with agriculture offer training courses for agricultural advisors, farmers, and their own staff. The training facilitates direct transfers of research findings into agricultural practice, the sharing of updated information with various regions of Poland, the engagement of agriculture stakeholders, and above all, the sharing of views and experience, and finally  discussions between scientists and experts on the one hand and agricultural advisors and farmers on the other. Such activities are vital for the rapidly growing sector of modern agriculture.

The expectation of such training, which contributes to disseminating general agricultural knowledge and implementing it into practice, is that it will help produce top quality food. Only the crops that conform to food laws are safe for human consumption and ensure a good reputation of Polish food domestically and across Europe.

  • Platforma Sygnalizacji Agrofagów

Project implemented as part of tasks 1.5
Multiannual Program of the IPP-NRI for 2016-2020

Plant Protection Institute – National Research Institute

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Plant Protection Institute – National Research Institute

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