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Technical aspects of plant protection

The proper use of equipment for the application of plant protection products, including its regular maintenance, is of crucial importance for both the efficacy and safety of treatments.

Malfunctioning sprayers not only reduce pesticide efficacy, but may also irreversibly harm humans, animals and the environment, if overdosed. To reduce the risk of using defective (hazardous) sprayers, a system of mandatory periodic inspections of the equipment used to apply plant protection products has been established in Poland. Such equipment is inspected by registered institutions supervised by the National Inspectorate of Plant Health and Seed Inspection.

These mandatory inspections are required for all professionally used sprayers and non-standard equipment, i.e.:

tractor-mounted sprayers and autonomous field or orchard sprayers, greenhouse pesticides spraying and/or fogging installations, and other plant protection product spraying equipment other than handheld and backpack sprayers, with a tank capacity of over 30 liters, seed dressing machines other than industrial, autonomous or tractor-mounted granular pesticide applicators, equipment for the use of plant protection products mounted on rail vehicles, and agricultural crop dusting aircraft.

Hence, the only equipment exempt from the mandatory testing are handheld and backpack sprayers.

The first inspection should be carried out not later than 5 years after the date of purchase of equipment intended for the application of plant protection products. Tests should then be repeated:

every 3 years for tractor-mounted and autonomous field and orchard sprayers and rail-vehicle-mounted plant protection product application equipment (certificates of inspection for equipment mounted on railway vehicles issued before 31 December 2020 remain valid for 5 years), or

every 5 years for other types of equipment.



Periodic technical inspections are currently required for field and orchard sprayers, rail-vehicle-mounted equipment and agricultural aircraft. For all other types of equipment, the first technical inspection should be carried out not later than 25 November 2016. After this date, only equipment for the application of pesticides that has passed inspection will be approved for professional use.

Regardless of the mandatory periodic inspections, equipment for the application of pesticides can only be used if it is technically sound and properly calibrated.

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